Potamogeton praelongus

Protection status

This species is included in Red List of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resource) into LC (least concern) category of species protection. It is widespread species with stabile populations without any endangering.

But also there is written that local loss of the species require attention and it is necessary to find out new information about its endangering in the whole distribution range. In the same category of endangering this species is involved in Red list of EU. This species is not registered in Direction No č. 92/43/EEC about natural sites protection, wild animals and wild plants and is not the object of any international convention.

The species is according to § 48 of law No 114/1992 Col., about nature conservation and landscape protection (Annex No II to Notice of Ministry of Environment). This species is listed as critically endagered species in Red List of vascular plants in the Czech Republic. It is supposed this species has extinct nearly on 90% of historical localities. This species is also listed in the Red book of Czech republic. It is included in several Red Lists of some european countries: Belgium – probably extinct, Bulgaria – rare, France – vulnerable, Germany – strictly endangered species, Netherlands – endangered, Austria – endangered, Slovenia – endangered, Spain – vulnerable, Switzerland – endangered, Great Britain – least concern.


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