Rescue program

Rescue and backup population

Sterile tissue culture in vitro

Seeds coming from the rescue culture of P. praelongus in IBCAS, Třeboň were used to found a tissue in-vitro culture. Its foundation and cultivation was assigned to Mr. Karel Pásek. After two months of post-germination growth, seedlings were transplanted into a fresh liquid medium of a higher concentration (half strength Gamborg B5 medium with 500 mg.l–1 KNO3, with 2.5 % sucrose, pH 5.7 or 6.5). The volume of renewed culture medium was 50–70 ml in 350 ml flasks or 300 ml in 0.5 l flasks. Sterile plantlets were cultivated at 21°C, with artificial lighting of 20–30 PAR coming from two linear fluorescent tubes for 12 hours a day. Cultivation was conducted without shaking.

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